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Lead By Example

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A common problem that arises in marriages and even long-term relationships is the gradual decline in attractiveness of your girl. Relationships are a comfortable place to be, safe from all the hazards and stress of the single life. Just as you might start to get lackadaisical about game, so too might your significant other start to slack in the upkeep of her physical appearance. She starts to gain weight and become a slob.  The result is less fulfilling sex and even a lack of sex. You start to become less attracted to your woman and at the same time your woman is less in the mood for sex.

Fat Couch Potato Couple

Chances are if you’re an alpha, your girl was fairly attractive when you started dating. The sex was satisfying because there was a strong attraction between you. No self respecting man wants to have sex with a fatty so the closer your girl gets to crossing that line the less you’ll want to pound that ass. This might be fine if you’re just looking for an excuse to move on but if you’re married or have genuine feelings for your girl it’s probably worth it to work this out.

How do you address this? You could go all caveman and demand she hop on the treadmill or else, but that would probably just illicit a defensive reaction and get you nowhere. As a man you should be defining the standards for your relationships. One of those standards should be overall attractiveness.

Athol over at Married Man Sex Life has a great article about increasing your sex rank to increase and improve sex in a relationship. He makes a great point that if one partner makes positive changes to increase their sex ranking, the other is forced to follow suit or be left at the wayside. Now you might argue that the problem is that your girl is less attractive to you and should be the one to make those positive steps. That seems logical but as men, if we can’t keep up with the standards we set, how can we expect anyone else to?

As Roissy has said, time and time again, marriage and relationships are not safe havens from the sexual marketplace. Your sexual market value is always going to be assessed. Make sure that no matter your situation, you will always be considered a good purchase. If you want your girl to get in shape, try getting in shape yourself. Get into a workout routine. Make sure your girl is aware of your new routine and that you are consistent. If she tries to make plans that interfere with your routine, decline and make sure she knows that it’s a bad time because you have to get your swoll on. Get on a diet. I recommend the paleo diet. Make sure you let your girl know that this is how you plan on eating. If she refuses to join in, cook for yourself and make it known that if she plans on eating she has to fend for herself as well. You should start to see an increase in your energy levels and overall attitude. You’ll start getting more attention from the opposite sex as well. While women aren’t as attracted to looks as men, they do notice and they definitely notice the confidence that surrounds a man who looks good and knows it. Hopefully your girl will notice too and start to feel a little insecure. If she knows what’s good for her, this insecurity will spark a desire to make positive changes herself. She’ll eventually become that sexy minx you were attracted to when you first met.

Couple on the Beach

Now they’re is a chance your girl will simply remain a slob and not make any changes at all. That’s unfortunate and you’ll probably start thinking about making an exit at this point (married men, good luck with that). The upside is that you’re sexual market value will be high and so will the likelihood that you’ll be balls deep in some new hotter pussy faster than you can say, “I think we need to see other people.”.

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5 Responses to “Lead By Example”

  1. Mr Progress says:

    Very insightful post. This goes for both men and women!

  2. Excellent post. A little trick I learned is to stop telling women “I’m never going to get married” and instead, tell them “I’ve never considered myself the marrying type, but I may be open to it some day… maybe.”

    By engaging them in a game of Tame the Alpha, they work harder to stay in shape, cook more often, and make more of an effort to be pleasant.

    After marriage, the Athol/Roissy plan is the way to go.

  3. Jeruda says:

    “No self respecting man wants to have sex with a fatty.”

    You’ve never met a good-looking woman who happens to be fat? I certainly don’t prefer it, but for fucks sake I don’t think it has anything to do with the level of respect a man has for himself if he happens to do this and enjoys it. A guy having sex and enjoying it, whether with a supermodel or a slightly chubby girl, is all the same – an enjoyable thing. And physical attractiveness aside, bedroom performance can really be intense with girls who don’t get it as often, so are super excited…

    What’s the big deal, anyway? You worried about your friends finding out? …Loser.

  4. Nice post!! Have to keep in shape forever, single or taken….!!

  5. MAWBlogger says:

    Yup, this along with several other things I gleaned from Roissy and Athol really got our marriage back into a great groove. No going back now.

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